Unit 10-- Political Economy (part 2): Corporations, Capitalism and the U.S. Economy

I) Assigned Readings:

  1. "Reversal of Fortune" (originally published under this title but the online version was re-titled to "Money ≠ Happiness,"-- but note, the article is about MUCH MORE than just how people are not made more happy with just more money. Pay close attention to the author's bigger point about the intersection of the economy and the environment. ) Bill McKibben, Mother Jones (March/April 2007)  
  2. "Capitalism vs. The Climate," Naomi Klein, The Nation (Nov 28, 2011)    
  3. "How Wall Street Occupied America," Bill Moyers, The Nation (Nov 2011)  
  4. "American Rebellions," (AKA "What We Can Learn from America's First Tea Party") Thom Hartman, Yes! Magazine (Winter 2003)   
  5. "How Screwing Unions is Really About Screwing the Entire Middle Class," Kevin Drum, Mother Jones (March 2011)  
  6. "The Undeserving Rich," Gar Alperovitz and Lew Daly, Dollars & Sense (March/April 2010)  
  7. "The Government Nudge: A Public Role in the Private Sector," Robert Weissman, The Nation (June 27, 2011)  
  8. “Employee Ownership: The Road to Shared Prosperity,” Christopher Mackin, The Nation (June 27, 2011)   
  9. “Reforming Limited Liability Law,” Kent Greenfield, The Nation (June 27, 2011) 
  10. "The Political Uses of the 'Free Market' Myth," Robert Reich, The San Francisco Chronicle (Sept 28, 2013)
  11. “A Richer Shade of Green: The Wisdom of Sustainable Investment Funds,” Leslie Christian, The Nation (June 27, 2011)  
  12. “Performance-Related Compensation for Corporate Executives,” Vincent A. Panvini Jr, The Nation (June 27, 2011) 
  13. Optional Reading - click on this link for a list of supplemental readings to deepen your knowledge

II) Video Resources:

  1. "The Corporation," Part 2 "Birth"
  2. "The Corporation," Part 4 "Externalities"
  3. "The Corporation," Part 5 "Case Histories"
  4. "The Corporation," Part 8 "Mindset"
  5. "The Redwood," Robert Redford- Nature is Speaking Series, Conservation International
  6. "The Stories Project - Successes from California's Community Colleges," John Fox and the FA-PAC interns

III) Important Dates/Notices: