Unit 9-- Political Economy (part 1): Corporations, Capitalism and the U.S. Economy

Political Economy (part 1): Corporations, Capitalism and the U.S.  Economy

I) Assigned Readings:

  1. The Politics of Power, Chapter 2 & also read the 3 page Introduction to Part 1 "American Political Economy"
  2. "Independence from the Corporate Global Economy" Ethan Miller, Yes! Magazine (Winter 2007)  
  3. "Scaling Back our Bloated Financial Sector," Zack Carter, Huffington Post (May 26, 2010)   
  4. "Bank of America: Too Crooked to Fail," Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone (March 2012)  
  5. "Nothing Grows Forever: Why do we keep pretending the Economy Will?" Clive Thompson, Mother Jones (May 2010)  
  6. "Are Low Taxes Exacerbating the Recession?," David Sirota, Creators.com (July 8, 2010)  
  7. "Myths of the Deficit," Marty Wolfson, Dollars and Sense Magazine (May/June 2010)   
  8. "Cooperation: a Better Model," Perry Saidman   
  9. “The Rise of Benefit Corporations,” Jamie Raskin, The Nation (June 27, 2011)  
  10. “4 Not-So-Easy Ways to Dismantle Racism in the Food System,” Leah Penniman, Yes! (Apr 27, 2017) 
  11. Optional Reading - click on this link for a list of supplemental readings to deepen your knowledge

II) Video Resources:

  1. "The Biggest Myths About Socialism," AJ+'s Newsbroke via Facebook (May 20, 2018)
  2. "Taming Capitalism Run Wild," Bill Moyers interviews economist Richard Wolff - watch the video or read the transcript. Moyers and Company, Feb 22, 2013 (FYI, this is a FABULOUS interview that de-mystifies the whole field of economics.) See Especially minutes 12-23.
  3. "Why Occupy Wall Street?" D.C. Douglas (Youtube, 2012) (This is a short grassroots advocacy and information video on the reasons behind the massive popular "Occupy Wall Street" protests against big banks, Wall Street and the domination of the 1% that began in the fall of 2011)
  4. "Enoughness: Restoring Balance to the Economy" First Peoples Worldwide (March 15, 2013)
  5. Les Leopold explains the Financial Collapse (Youtube video)
  6. "Why Raise the Minimum Wage?," UC Berkeley Labor Center (Oct 14, 2014)

III) Important Dates/Notics