Class Notes Week #1

Class Notes- Week 1

  1. Optional in-person orientation-- meet your instructor, classmates and learn how the class works. (20 pts extra credit)
  2. Set up Catalyst page with photos to help us get to know you
  3. Respond to Respond to Political Science Department Civic Attitude Survey
  4. Respond to class survey with contact info, etc- on Catalyst
  5. Why study politics? How to improve your life and your community...
  6. What's at stake— Three futures and "The Great Turning"?
  7. "Politics" and "Democracy" defined
  8. Introduce class TAs and help sessions
  9. Go over class syllabus and website- how to succeed! 
  10. Class Learning Goals
  11. Explain Structure of Website, Catalyst pages,
  12. Go over class reading assignments
  13. Go over Hands-On Learning
  14. In class exercise on "Practicing Democracy"?
  15. Democratic Traditions
  16. Industrial Model of Education-- why this class will be different-- The essence and value of democracy is crowd-sourcing and empowerment of the entire community