Unit 1-- Introduction to the Class: Democracy & Empowered Citizenship

I) Assigned Readings: (please have read this material by Friday of Week 1 of the term)

  1. Student Orientation Letter- Revised for Fall 2018- especially for 12-week ONLINE students, but on-campus students will benefit from this orientation letter too.
  2. "How to Be a Successful Student," John O'Connell  
  3. "Finding Happiness By Cultivating Positive Emotion," Angela Winter, Utne Reader (May 18, 2010.)    
  4. How to Set Up and Submit your Weekly Chat Dialogue
  1. Fall/Winter/Spring 2018-19 students- do not read this one... Student Orientation Letter- Late Spring and Summer 2017 short-course (6 week) students

II) Video Resources

  1. Orientation Video- Part 1: From fall 2014 class.  Especially for online students but also helpful for on campus students
  2. "Mother Nature," Julia Roberts- Nature Is Speaking Series, Conservation International
  3. "The Stories Project - Successes from California's Community Colleges," Wamuyu Kaigwa and the FA-PAC interns

III) Important Dates/Notices: