Unit 2-- The Power of Narratives (part 1): Mass Media & the Manufacturing of Consent

I) Assigned Readings: 

  1. "Why Power Is Not a Dirty Word," Frances Moore Lappé, Yes! Magazine (Summer 2010)  
  2. “How Stories Shape Our World,” Sarah van Gelder, Yes! (Summer 2014)     Note: this is the editor's introduction to a series of articles from Yes! magazine, three of which are also assigned below.
    1. “The Power of Storytelling: a cautionary tale,” a collaboration of Symbiola and Yes! Magazine, Yes! (Summer 2014) 
    2. “Change Starts With Your Own Story: First He Came Out as Undocumented. Then As Gay. Here's What It Means For Immigration Debate,” Kristin Moe, Yes! (Summer 2014)   
    3. "Talking Cows Take on Factory Farms—Matrix Style: The viral success of "The Meatrix" shows how a good story trumps a mountain of facts," Jonah Sachs, Yes! (Summer 2014)   
  3. "Progressives Ask for Too Little, Not Too Much in Age of Plutocratic Rule," John Nichols and Robert McChesney, Truthout (Aug 14, 2013) 
  4. "Media Monopoly Revisited," Patrick Morrison, Extra! (Oct 2011)   
  5. “You Are Now Paying Internet Companies to Sell Your Browsing History to Advertisers,” Sarah Leonard, The Nation (April 6, 2017) 
  6. “Google, democracy and the truth about internet search,” Carole Cadwalladr, The Observer (December 4, 2016) 
  7. “Please Prove You’re Not a Robot,”  Tim Wu, New York Times (July 15, 2017) 
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  10. Optional Reading - click on this link for a list of supplemental readings to deepen your knowledge

II) Video Resources:

  1. Learning Goals for the Mass Media units of class- Part 1 of 2

1b. Learning Goals for the Mass Media units of class- Part 2 of 2

Here are examples of (mostly) regular people using mass media to promote progressive political world view:

  1. "Wealth Inequality in America," YouTube (Nov. 20, 2012)
  2. "The Stories Project - Successes from California's Community Colleges," Will Chen and the FA-PAC interns
  3. "How Would You Feel if Your Son Chose This??"- YouTube Video
  4. "The Story of Stuff," Annie Leonard, The Story of Stuff Project
  5. "The Ocean," Harrison Ford- Nature Is Speaking Series, Conservation International

Here are explanations of how economic and political elites "Manufacture the Consent" of the masses of regular people in order to maintain control over the society:

  1. Noam Chomsky 1- Manufacturing Consent film Part 1-- on the social function of thought control of the educated classesl, intellectual self defense, the purpose thought control
  2. Noam Chomsky 2- explaining the term "manufacturing consent"
  3. Noam Chomsky 3 on "Concision" and the narrow framework of conventional political debate
  4. Noam Chomsky, Edward S Herman and Justin Lewis- on the Propoganda Model of the News Media/Myth of the Liberal Bias in the media
  5. The Corporation: "Basic Training" (movie excerpt)
  6. "Senator Bernie Sanders on Why Big Media Shouldn't Get Bigger," Bill Moyers' Moyers and Company (Jan 3, 2013)
  7. Dan Rather, "Dan Rather On The Dangers Of Sinclair," (April 3, 2018, NewsandGuts.com) Dan Rather delivers his own version of the viral video of Sinclair Media anchors reading a script bashing “fake stories” by other media--after President Trump praised the conservative company’s news coverage.

III) Important Dates/Notices: