Unit 4-- Elections and Politics (part 1): Congress, Courts and the Presidency; & California Politics

I) Assigned Readings:

  1. "A Winning Progressive Politics," Paul Wellstone, In These Times (Jan 6, 2003)   
  2. "Wellstone's Secret Weapon," Mattie Weiss   
  3. The Politics of Power, Chapter 4, Political Parties and Elections; also read pages 95-96
  4. The Politics of Power, Chapter 7, The Congress; also read pages 185-189
  5. "How Students in San Jose Raised the Minimum Wage," Gabriel Thompson, The Nation (Nov. 28, 2012) 
  6. "Wellstone's Revenge: How Minnesota Democrats Took Their State Back," Andy Kroll, Mother Jones Magazine (Sept-Oct 2013) 
  7. “How the Money Primary Is Undermining Voting Rights,” Ari Berman, The Nation (June 8, 2015)  
  8. "How Democrats, Republicans Compare," Yagil Hertzberg, San Francisco Chronicle (Sept 12, 2010)   
  9. "Blocking the Vote," Ashley Lopez, Ms. Magazine (Winter 2012)   
  10. “The Secret Lists that Swiped the Senate,” Greg Palast, Tuesday, November 18, 2014 (GregPalast.com)  
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  13. Optional Reading - click on this link for a list of supplemental readings to deepen your knowledge

II) Video Resources:

1. Misc. Paul Wellstone Videos

2. Excerpts from the film "Wellstone!"

3. Paul Wellstone Campaign Ads from U.S. Senate Campaigns:

4. Voter Suppression

5. Campaign Finance Laws

6. "The Soil," Edward Norton- Nature is Speaking Series, Conservation International

III) Important Dates/Notices: