Unit 7-- Oppression and Democracy (part 2): Race and Politics

I) Assigned Readings:

  1. "Beyond Eco-Apartheid," Van Jones, Common Ground (April 2007) 
  2. "A Working Definition of Racism," Ricky Sherover-Marcuse   
  3. “Is Racial Justice Possible in America? We need law and policing reform, but first we have to want to end state-sanctioned violence against African-Americans,” David Dante Troutt, The Nation magazine (Dec 29, 2014)  
  4. "Vital Signs: Race" Nicky Gonzalez Yuen
  5. "The Black-White Wealth Gap," Dalton Conley   
  6. “Nine Charts about Wealth Inequality in America,” By Signe-Mary McKernan, Caroline Ratcliffe and Eugene Steuerle,” Nonprofit Quarterly (March 27, 2015). (Click on the link for the Urban Institute’s interactive website too!)
  7. “Update on Mortgage Lending Discrimination; After a disastrous detour, we’re back where we started," Jim Campen, Dollars & Sense December 2010)   
  8. "The New Jim Crow," Michelle Alexander, The American Prospect (December 2010)   
  9. "The Ten Most Startling Facts About People of Color and Criminal Justice in the United States," Sophia Kerby, Center for American Progress (March 13, 2012)   
  10. "White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack," Peggy McIntosh    
  11. "Exploring the Depths of White Racist Socialization," Tim Wise   
  12. "Internalized Oppression and the Culture of Silence," Keith Osajima   
  13. "Internalized Racism," Suzanne Lipsky   
  14. "Lin's Full-Court Press Against Stereotypes," Ky-Phong Tran, SF Chronical (Feb 19, 2012)   
  15. "The Con-fusion Ethic," Tim Wise    
  16. "Who to Blame?" Barry Deutsch, Ampersand - Political Cartoons (June 18, 2010)
  17. "An Immigrant's 'American Dream,'" anonymous, Political Science 1 Midterm Paper (winter 2010)   
  18. “Institutional Racism Ignored; More feelings than facts in coverage of inequality," Janine Jackson, Extra! (October 2009)   
  19. "If Black Lives Mattered...: Valuing all lives equally would transform how we respond to the climate crisis," Naomi Klein, The Nation (January 5, 2015) 
    Image of Youtube Video of Luba Presnetsova's "The Hidden Wound Revisited" (Youtube version with photo slideshow) 
  21. "Jesus Villalon, "The Real American Dream," Click here for text only   Audio symbol link to audio file for Jesus Villalon "The Real American Dream"
image of youtube video of Jesus Villalon- The Real American Dream (Youtube version with photo slideshow)   

Optional Reading - click on this link for a list of supplemental readings to deepen your knowledge


II) Video Resources:

  1. Making Whiteness Visible, Shakti Butler, Producer/Director (Excerpt)
  2. Cracking the Codes, Shakti Butler, Producer/Director (excerpt on Systems of Inequity)
  3. Making Whiteness Visible, Shakti Butler, Producer/Director (Excerpt)
  4. Race: The Power of an Illusion excerpt-- "The House We Live In" (this is an excerpt describing legal and social housing discrimination, leading to massive wealth inequality, poorer educational opportunities, etc.)
  5. "The Stories Project - Successes from California's Community Colleges," Jimyo Johnson and the FA-PAC interns
  6. "Unarmed. Not Wearing a Seatbelt," Tampa Bay Times Investigates

III) Important Dates/Notices: