Class Notes Week #1

Class Notes- Week 1

  1. Meet your neighbors
  2. Move desks?
  3. Welcomes and Introductions
  4. Make a "name tent"- 
  5. Set up Catalyst page with photos to help us get to know you
  6. Respond to class survey with contact info, etc- on Catalyst
  7. Explain paired listening/raised hands to get group back
  8. Why study politics? What's one thing you want to improve in your life? Something you would die for? One thing you would like to change about our country/world?
  9. What's at stake— Three futures and "The Great Turning"?
  10. "Politics" and "Democracy" defined
  11. Introduce teaching team
  12. Go over class syllabus and website- how to succeed!  (Click here to download PDF of the slideshow from class) (Click here for a "movie" version of the slideshow from class.)
  13. Class Learning Goals
  14. Explain Structure of Website
  15. Go over next class's reading assignment
  16. Go over Week #2 practicing democracy exercise 
  17. In class exercise on "Practicing Democracy"
  18. Democratic Traditions
  19. Classroom  guest speakers on Civic Engagement- Billy DeFrank Center, Asian American Recovery Service, De Anza Cross Cultural Partners, Asian Americans for Community Involvement, Veggielution, Wise 37, De Anza Gay-Straight Alliance, DASB, DARE, Students for Justice, Student Action for Education, IMASS, LEAD, M.E.Ch.A., Democracy Matters, De Anza College Dems, Santa Clara County Republican Party,  SV Young Democrats, Campus Camp Wellstone Organizers... various electoral campaigns, and other placements... 
  • Inequality amidst democracy

 a. Distribution of Wealth in the United States

b. Change in Family Income 1979 to 2005 

c. CEO Income vs Average Worker Income 

d. Median and Average CEO Pay 

e. Race-comparative wealth in the U.S.

f. Gender Progress?

  (most data from Institute for Policy Studies website )

  • Eco-Apartheid or Eco-Equity?

 a. From Economic Catastrophe to total collapse?

b. The Story of Stuff 

c. Van Jones on Eco-Apartheid

d. Van Jones on Eco Equity


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