Class Notes Week #2


Mass Media and the Formation of Political Ideas

1. Business

  • Q & A on  Civic Engagement/Service Learning.

  • Explain turning in work
  • Go over PD's- review this week's assignment;
  • Collect PD's
  • Preview PDs for next week- Ecofootprint groups; Letter to the Editor
  • Extra Credit for using recycled paper or "e" versions and for reviewing comments on work
  • Bonus points for class reaching civ eng and pd goals...???
  • Grade Chart- plan your path to success


2. Civic Engagement Guest Speakers:

  • Billy DeFrank Center
  • Asian American Recovery Service
  • De Anza Cross Cultural Partners
  • Asian Americans for Community Involvement
  • Veggielution
  • Wise 37
  • De Anza Gay-Straight Alliance
  • DASB
  • DARE
  • Students for Justice
  • Student Action for Education
  • LEAD
  • M.E.CH.A
  • Democracy Matters
  • De Anza College Dems
  • Santa Clara County Republican Party
  • SV Young Democrats
  • Campus Camp Wellstone Organizers
  • various electoral campaigns, and other placements...

3. Groups:

  • Assign and Divide week 1-4 groups
  • Discuss and sign out reading notes for week 2.
  • Go over assignments for next week- readings and practicing democracy. 

4. Lecture on Mass Media/Overview of Readings

Two Narratives Themes- Empire vs Community, Competition vs Cooperation, Greed vs Generosity

Noam Chomsky interviews:

·         Noam Chomsky 1- on why we may not really have a democracy

·         Noam Chomsky 2- on the social function of thought control of the educated classesl, intellectual self defense, the purpose thought control

·         Noam Chomsky 3 on "Concision" and the narrow framework of conventional political debate.

·         Noam Chomsky 4- explaining the term "manufacturing consent"

·         Noam Chomsky, Edward S Herman and Justin Lewis- on the Propoganda Model of the News Media/Myth of the Liberal Bias in the media


George Lakoff on...

·         How Conservatives came to dominate the Mass Media and they use "framing" to improve their message delivery

·         "Frame Analysis"- the neuroscience of how we take in and interpret information


o    "Manufacturing Consent" Techinques summarized

o    The Conservative Media Machine Map- a conceptual outline of the money, message creation, message delivery

4. The 11th Hour- Saving the Planet

5. The Story of Stuff- grassroots activism on the internet 

Heist- documentary

Sara Silverman on Voting Rights -- very "salty" language. Not for the timid.

John McNichols- Interview on "Dollaracracy"- YouTube video

6. Groups:

  • Discuss and collect "Practicing Democracy" (Wed)