Class Notes Week #4

Reform Issues for Elections

California Politics 

  • Announcements
  • Civ Engagement Papers due on Wednesday
  • Late Civ Engagement contracts/applications due on Wednesday-must be uploaded
    • Review practicing democracy assignment
    • How to register people to vote...
    • Groups: 
    • Review Readings/PDs
    • Register Voters on campus in your group- bonus for groups with best results
    • Elections...
    • the Value of Political Parties
    • Discussion and Lecture re: General v. Primary Elections, the Electoral College, 2 party Domination, and Campaign Spending
    • Review of elections/parties 1930's to present
    • Grassroots Electoral Campaigns...
    • Wellstone's Secret Weapon- community organizing beats big money
    • Video: Wellstone Political Ads
    • Video: Paul Wellstone Tribute
    • Video: Wellstone Action short