Class Notes Week #6

finish viewing From First To Worst- roots of CA budget problems


  • Review: Learning Goals for Gender and Politics Unit
  • Review "Democracy" and "Vital Signs: Gender"- why study gender? why study oppression?
  • Groups: 
    • Discuss and collect reading.
  • Lecture: Oppression , its meaning and its roots (Re-visit Jackins' "Art of Listening" on the origins of oppression)
  • Exercise- "Act Like a Lady"- groups on institutional and personal frameworks for sexism.
  • Exercise, Discussion, Lecture: "Male Oppression"- "The Man in a Box"
  • Groups: 
    • Discuss and collect practicing democracy.
  • "Are you really free?"-who's a feminist- the button option.
  • Video: video excerpts
  1. Courage Campaign Video on Marriage Equality
  2. "Killing Us Softly 3"
  3. Redefining Liberation
  4. The F Word
  5. San Diego Mayor changes his mind on Gay Marriage 
  6. "Slip of the Tongue" video