Class Notes Week #7


Race and Politics

1. Learning Goals- Race and Politics

2. Vital Signs: Race- the realities of inequality

2A. Varying Perspectives on Race and Affirmative Action- NPR Debate

3. Groups-

  • Review reading notes

4.Sherover Marcuse- cycles of racism

5. Ideological Structures of Racism

Wilkins ("White Out")- the power to define reality

  • The meaning of "racism"- dominant view versus street-level view
  • The meaning of "merit"- Guinier article
  • McIntosh's "Invisible Knapsack"- white privilege
  • Who is fully human and who is not?

 Ward Churchill ("Crimes Against Humanity"): what's in an image? Image #1 ; Image #2

  • What is considered "possible" or "realistic"- reparations? justice?

 6. The personal/affective structures of Racism

  • Jackins- The Art of Listening
  • Lipsky ("Internalized Racism") and Osajima ("Internalized Racism and the Culture of Silence") on internalized racism

7. Institutional Structures of Racism 

 8. Democratic Victories against Racism- League of Pissed-Off Voters materials; practicing democracy on Race and Politics 

 9. A new discussion?-- Van Jones on Obama and Race- three stories

Candidate Barack Obama on Race- 2008