Class Notes Week #8

Go over Midterm #2 Question

Social Class and Politics

Groups- Reading Notes and PD's for this week

  • What data from the "Vital Signs" class stands out for you?
  • What article was most helpful and/or interesting for you?
  • What is your best explanation for class inequality?

Learning Goals on Social Class and Politics

Vital Signs- Class and Heirarchy

"Classism" Defined 

Perception vs Reality of Wealth and Income Inequality in the US

Eco-Apartheid vs. Eco-Equity in urban development - a video from Earth House Center "Voices of the Community- Perspectives on Social Equity and Smart Growth"

Class exercise: Social class outcomes of corporate capitalism: Step forward/back.

What are the Central Supporting Mechanisms of Classism in the U.S. Today?

1. Direct Elite Economic Control- Wages and Working Conditions

1.1- Destruction of Labor Unions

2. Skewed Government Policy- taxation and "free trade". Who pays what? Taxes and fairness

  • How does globalization work to undermine wages?
  • Undermining of organized labor

3. Limited Educational Access- limited opportunities

4. An Ideology of Classism- myths of internalized classism

  • Class exercises in the ideology of classism: 
  • Dream Job/Job from Hell
  • "Economy God" 

 Putting it all together- "The American Dream Mobile"  Review p.d. on social class and politics-ride a bus