POLI 16-Extra Credit Options

Throughout the quarter I will offer a variety of forms of extra credit. Here are three you might consider.

NOTE: You may receive up to a total of 100 points of all forms of extra credit during the quarter.

I) Community Political Events: Throughout the quarter there will be a range of lectures, political activities, and other community events that will be announced in class. You will often be able to earn extra credit by participating in these events and then writing a short paper saying

  1. What you did
  2. What you learned
  3. How it related to our class learning goals

II) Book Review: Read one of the books listed under "recommended" readings and to write a 5 page book review (1500 words) which: 1) summarizes the book; 2) analyzes its relevance to the themes and Learning Goals for POLI 16/ICS 36; 3) discusses its relevance to issues in your own life; and 4) makes recommendations for actual political action. Note: if you would like to choose some other format or content for a book review, please discuss this with me. You will receive up to 50 extra credit points for a book review that receives credit.

III) Movie/News Reviews: Write a movie review or a news show review relating to class from the list of optional movies. Note: not all movies and items on the list from the following link apply. They must relate to THIS particular class. Click here for details.