POLI 16-How To Succeed


Congratulations! You got yourself to college and to this class! At De Anza College we are committed to your success. If you are willing to work hard, to be a serious student, and to reach out and get help where you need it, I am confident you can succeed not only in this class, but also in your entire college career. To help you succeed, the other tabs on this menu list a range of sources of support. Please check them out. And, immediately below, I want to draw your attention to 7 particular things that will help you succeed:

  1. Use me as a resource for success. Come meet me in office hours, write me via email, or talk to me before and after class. Take advantage of our help.
  2. PLAN FOR SUCCESS-- make the time to study; know when your work is due; schedule your study time and deadlines like you would any other part of your life in which you want to be successful.
  3. De Anza students now get the VTA "Eco Pass" with their registration. This pass allows you to take VTA anywhere it goes for no additional charge but you have to pick up your pass! Get your Eco Pass by clicking here!
  4. FINANCIAL AID is available for many students, not just the poorest students. If you have not applied for financial aid, I STRONGLY urge to you do so. It is NEVER too late to apply for at least some aid. Extra money in your pocket means you will have the resources to buy your books, pay your fees and devote more of your time to being a student instead of working to pay for your rent, food, and gas. The financial aid folks are very helpful. Talk to me about where to go.
  5. COUNSELING SERVICES are available to help you to plan for your education, to negotiate your way through the process and to support you if and when your life gets hard. The counselors and academic advisors can be your entry-point to almost all of the many services at De Anza designed to help you succeed. Talk to me about counselors I especially like.
  6. ACADEMIC SUPPORT SERVICES such as the Student Success Center (tutoring) , the Puente Project, the Educational Diagnostic Center, EOPS, the Honors Program, and others are designed to meet the specialized needs of our diverse student body. There is help available for EVERY SINGLE STUDENT at De Anza. Look at the list towards the end of this syllabus for a sample of some of these programs. Don't be a stranger. DO ask me for help.
  7. Finally, if you are a military veteran, please also be aware that there is a Veterans Center especially set up to help you make the transition back to school.

Again, I want to help you succeed. Please ask for help!


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