Class Notes Week #1

Class Notes- Week 1

Themes: introductions, music of the movement, who we are and why we fight, what is organizing?!

Welcomes and Introductions

  1. Class Learning Goals
  2. Syllabus-
  3. Class Website
  4. Catalyst
  6. Books and Assigned Readings
  7. Grades
  8. Methods of Learning/Assessment
  • Participation
  • PD's & Civ Eng
  • Quizzes
  • Facebook Posts
  • Take-home final
  • In-Class final

Who we are? Why we fight?

  • Story of self, us, now...
  • Why study Movements? 
  • Inequality vs the promise of democracy

Video and Audio Resources:

Classroom Guests:

  • Civic engagement opportunities

Coming up:

  • Go over next class's reading assignment
  • Go over next week's Practicing Democracy Exercise- get a start on it.